A strong social media presence increases your company’s connection with consumers. Social media marketing helps to validate your company by showing customers you are an active brand that is focused on communication with its audience. Not only do 78% of small businesses use social media to attract new business but 33% of consumers say social media is how they identify new products and services. In addition, 63% of consumers who search for online businesses are more likely to use those businesses who have a strong, current and informative social media presence. Finally, social media marketing helps create meaningful relationships which customers that generate leads in the future. Due to its power to increase customer loyalty, 71% of customers who receive a timely response on social media would recommend the company to others.

More engagement doesn’t necessarily lead to more conversion. If leads are getting to your website or eCommerce site and not consistently converting, why go through the expense and effort? We take a holistic approach to enhance the overall performance of your site focused on increasing visits but the right visitors for your brand and improving touch points and implementing best practices to increase converting them from prospect to customer…and the ultimate goal, to repeat customer and influencer.

  • Blog construction, content, linking & distribution
  • Analysis and competitor research
  • PR and reputation
  • Conversion rate optimization surveys
  • Analytics reporting