Search Engine Optimization

One thing is certain, if your website is not search optimized, your customers will be finding your competition! In its simplest form SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the wiring, the architecture and foundation on which your website’s organic visibility and search ability is dependent. Without a well-orchestrated strategy for BRANDING, LEADS, and CONVERSION there is little chance of any pages ever being found by a customer’s search terms. The reason, there is another customer… the search engines (SE).

We can optimize the functionality of your website for the role it plays in your business. A site that needs to generate leads is vastly different than one that has the goal of generating ad views or driving foot traffic. We’ll dive deep into your account to determine why your site is not working or how it can work better.

You need to be found. You need to engage with your audience. Tracking those results and shifting strategies will keep you and your message relevant and on target.  Not only do you get more traffic to your website, but more importantly qualified leads. SE7EN will optimize your website to earn traffic from search engine results and build your conversion rates to grow your business.


We use the best audit tools to provide you overall credibility, identify errors, improve your sites health and provide a snapshot of what are healthy, broken, redirects on a regular basis, analyze history of rises and drops, gather data and improve site performance. These reports are a deep look into your site’s most critical SEO issues and biggest missed opportunities for organic growth.

SEO Services & Performance Reports

A strong social media presence increases your company’s connection with consumers. Social media marketing helps to validate your company by showing customers you are an active brand that is focused on communication with its audience. 63% of consumers who search for online businesses are more likely to use those businesses who have a strong, current and informative social media presence. Finally, social media marketing helps create meaningful relationships which customers that generate leads in the future.

  • Customized SEO strategy
  • Promotion campaign operations (PPC, CPC)
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Analytics reporting
  • Link building strategies & development
  • Local SEO
  • Social media integration
  • Directory submissions  – target category